NEWS: Nuance Healthcare to provide speech recognition solutions to King Fahd Hospital of the Dammam University

Emerging Technologies, the local implementation partner for Nuance Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, announced the deployment of the latter’s Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition at the King Fahd Hospital of Dammam University and across the middle east region. Through this deployment, the hospital aims to help physicians in providing care and also assist students in training.

Founded in 1981, Khobar, Saudi Arabia-based King Fahd University Hospital is a 600 bedded facility that provides care across a wide range of specialties such as general surgery, internal medicine, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, etc. It also has separate, computerized administrative and clinical systems for aiding patient care. Each patient is allotted an electronic medical record that is linked to them via unique number identifiers. As part of a mission to connect the facility’s IT infrastructure with their electronic medical records (EMR) platform, all clinicians will be utilizing Nuance’s Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.

This speech recognition solution consists of features like vSync technology (establishes a virtual channel to keep dictation client and EHR constantly synchronized), user login and password capabilities, and server-based management of Profile Optimization software. Providing dictation services on Citrix-based EHRs, it allows the providers to dictate directly or type into EHRS, while allowing them to play back, voice-edit or navigate dictation levering Full Text Control feature of the Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.

With this new speech recognition solution, clinicians will be able to generate or update medical notes using their own voice, and include it into the QuadraMed’s hospital information system. This is expected to enhance the documentation level, help in transitioning to a paperless environment, and lower administrative costs by reducing the need for clerical support services like transcription.

In order ensure quick adoption of the solution, it will be rolled out in a single, coordinated way using the ‘train the trainer’ method. Doctors in every unit are expected to leverage this new system while documentation will be stored and managed centrally. Expected to go on for eight weeks, the project will also allow close monitoring of the student’s academic progress.

The delivery of this first site license version installation of Nuance solution in Middle East provides King Fahd University Hospital with great security of service and support, according to Sassine Mazraani, CEO of Emerging Technologies, which will deploy as well as provide training, and ongoing support for this project, working closely with QuadraMed. Mazraani also says that the company wants to demonstrate the potential of speech recognition in accelerating the treatment process and lowering the length of hospital stay by reducing the waiting time for retrieving important medical data. Elaborating further, Mazraani adds that they are looking forward to improve the hospital’s treatment outcomes, diagnostic reliability, and decision making through Nuance’s platform.

Further, Lincoln Payne, Director of Nuance Healthcare’s Middle East Sales, stated that the current deployment agreement is a major milestone for the company, doctors, and patients.

Nuance Healthcare, a division of Burlington, MA-based Nuance Communications, Inc., provides clinical understanding solutions that capture patient medical information and transform it into meaningful, actionable data. It also provides test results management, transcription services, mobile solutions, radiology solutions, data analytic solutions, speech recognition, and HIM solutions.

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