NEWS: MedeAnalytics to provide Accountable Care Solution to State of Mississippi Medicaid

MedeAnalytics, Inc, a provider of performance management solutions for the healthcare industry has announced that the State of Mississippi Medicaid will be incorporating MedeAnalytics’ Accountable Care Solution into their Medicaid Electronic Health Records System (MEHRS) application. The main objective of this initiative is to integrate clinical and claims information from numerous health information exchanges for the purpose of maintaining a database of clinical records.

The State of Mississippi Medicaid developed The Medicaid Electronic Health Records System and ePrescribing solution (MEHRS/eScript) in order to enhance care quality for Medicaid beneficiaries by linking providers and other stake holders via a secure health information exchange. MEHRS contains basic patient demographics, medical and pharmacy claims data, allergy information, problem list and care opportunities, provider contact information, and immunization records.

Utilizing MEHRS/eScript free of cost, providers can access an ePrescribing system (a solution that allows authorized providers to prescribe cost-effective and safe medicines from their personal systems), web-based EHR, and hospital discharge data, based on the Medicaid claims. Apart from this, radiology and lab test reports will also be made available in future. By providing access to patients’ health data at the point of care, MEHRS/eScript helps in avoiding medical mistakes, reducing duplicate procedures, and making informed clinical decision.

Explaining the current contract with the State of Mississippi Medicaid, Mike Gallagher, Chairman of MedeAnalytics, remarks that the state’s information landscape as complex, with numerous access points for patients. He also expressed excitement in aiding the state to alleviate rising costs and enhance quality.

MedeAnaytics’ Accountable Care Solution, complies with the final rules for the Medicare Shared Savings Program and leading commercial accountable care organizations (ACOs) specifications. Additionally, it also consists of change management expertise, analytic technology, and scalable administrative and clinical integration technology. The solution also allows coordination of care, cost reduction, and population health management.

Established in 1994, Emeryville, CA-based MedeAnalytics serves more than 850 healthcare facilities by providing solutions for physicians, payors, and hospitals. The company also provides revenue cycle and Performance Management consulting services.

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