NEWS: Sectra wins a six year contract from Swedish healthcare provider Region Skane

Sectra AB, a provider of medical imaging IT solutions, has won a six-year contract worth SEK 55.8 million- from a Swedish healthcare provider Region Skane. The new deal involves developing, maintaining, and supporting Sectra IT solutions, used in nuclear medicine, radiology, clinical physiology, and mammography units for communicating and managing patient health data, throughout the region.

Based in Kristianstad, Region Skane, is a self-governing authority of Skane acting on behalf of the Regional Council. Region Skane is responsible for regional growth and development, interregional and cross border cooperation, public transport, health and medical services, and culture. Dealing with everything from highly specialized services to primary care developed in collaboration with regional universities, Region Skane oversees the public healthcare by operating directly (80% of primary care centers and hospitals), accrediting, or through public procurement. Employing more than 32,000 people, mostly in the healthcare industry, Region Skane is also in charge of providing free dental care to people under the age of 19, and technical aids and rehabilitation for people with disability.

Region Skane manages and communicates radiology images (PACS) and patient data (radiology information system) leveraging complete solutions from Sectra. A hospital department’s ability to manage and share both images as well as data with other units is vital for ensuring quality care as most patients will undergo a diagnostic imaging procedure at some point during their treatment period.

Currently, Region Skane has undertaken a new project to integrate all examination and patient information within the diagnostic imaging operations, similar to the way in which medical image management was coordinated three years ago.

Throwing more light on the current project, Peter Leander, Region Skane’s regional chief medical officer and senior physician, stated that they are in the process of migrating eight databases into a single one with support from Sectra’s IT experts, and simultaneously updating the server hardware in order to better coordinate and integrate examinations performed in the departments.

As per the current agreement, Sectra will also provide Region Skane with products that allow secure exchange of data and images with private caregivers and other county councils. Services such as radiation dose monitoring (Sectra DoseTrack), and dictation with speech recognition are also part of the contract.

Founded in 1978, Linkoping, Sweden-based, Sectra is located across 12 nations and offers its clients both medical and secure communication systems. The company provides IT solutions for rheumatology, radiology, osteoporosis, and orthopedics to over 1400 hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics across the globe by employing more than 500 employees. For the fiscal year 2011-12, the company’s net income was recorded to be SEK 833.676 million.

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