NEWS: iMDsoft unveils new capability for managing care across critical care units

Needham, MA-based, iMDsoft ® has announced the launch of a new solution, MVpanorama. The new solution is expected to offer a complete, centralized actionable patient data to care providers.

Established in 1996, iMDsoft has offices in the US, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Israel and is part of the TPG Growth, an investment company concerned with growth equity and middle market transactions. The company’s flagship product, MetaVision, is a suite of solutions that gather, document, evaluate, report, and store hospital generated patient information, and provide workflow for entire care continuum.

Catering to the demands of IT professionals, clinicians, and executives, MetaVision provides solutions for infrastructure, decision support, real-time data access, protocol enforcement and care standardization, research & analysis, acute, perioperative, and critical care. It is also interoperable with medical devices and hospital information systems.

Released under MetaVision’s critical care solutions, MVpanorama provides important administrative, demographic, and clinical data. Thus, it bridges the gap between challenges of managing acute and critical care departments and patient-oriented health records.

Prioritizing events based on set specifications, MVpanorama, allows clinicians to identify patients needing immediate attention to initiate necessary action. By allowing care givers to isolate nursing jobs and medication administration that are due, it also facilitates timely completion of the tasks. Further, by providing an overview of the unit, it enables provider organizations to improvise its nursing resource allocation. With various layouts that are designed to assist individual workflow, the solution can be easily customized to meet specific demands of each unit. Additionally, it also enables easy recognition and completion of administrative tasks of ICU patients (discharge and demographic data).

According to iMDsoft’s CEO, David Sides, MVpanorama provides clinicians an overview of operational and clinical status of the unit and is vital for care management across patient communities.

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