NEWS: Microsoft and Wipro join forces to provide Cardiac Care and Remote Fetal Monitoring solutions

Wipro Technologies, a global IT, outsourcing, and consulting company, in partnership with Microsoft Corporation has rolled out the Wipro AssureHealth platform. Targeted mainly at care providers, the platform provides innovative solutions for Cardiac Care and Remote Fetal Monitoring that will help provide low cost, high quality treatment, mainly for chronic diseases.

Established in 1975, Microsoft Corporation serves its clients across Europe, North & Central America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, South Pacific, and South America through their eight business divisions. These include Microsoft Business Solutions, Interactive Entertainment Business, Windows Division, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft Office Division, Windows Phone Division, Online Services Division, and Interactive Entertainment Business.

According to the Senior Director of Health Care Asia, Microsoft, Gabe Rijpma, the organization enables medical practice to switch from a provider-centric piecework to patient-centric joint effort by providing productivity solutions that are cloud-based and integrated with numerous form factors. Expecting the company’s joint venture with Wipro to hasten healthcare transformation in India and across the globe, Gabe says the solution would assist providers in catering to the demands of an evolving healthcare scenario. Citing Wipro AssureHealth platform, Gabe said that it is a good illustration of the way company’s technology platforms (.NET, SQL, Windows Server, etc), integrated with a host of devices on Windows 8, are aiding in resolving social problems.

Elucidating further, Chief Technology Officer, Wipro Infotech, India and Middle East, T. K. Padmanabha states that the AssureHealth platform along with Microsoft platform stack may aid care providers in creating new revenue sources. Additionally, in the current healthcare scenario where medical services are working towards achieving patient satisfaction by effectively utilizing their resources, Padmanabha finds mobility-assisted medical technology to be crucial in saving time and improving productivity and convenience for patients and doctors, and thereby enhance care and reduce costs.

Wipro AssureHealth platform, leveraging Microsoft’s Mobility, Cloud and Analytics products, enables regular and accurate monitoring of patients through mobile applications and hosted services that integrate IT infrastructure, medical devices, and round the clock customer support, for providing highly scalable solutions.

The cardiac solution is designed to help cardiologists manage and monitor patients post cardiac procedures or the ones having myocardial infarction, cardiac failure, and angina in real-time via their hand held communication device (tablets or smartphones). It provides incessant ambulatory, wearable, and non-obtrusive ECG information to doctors. Thus, it eliminates frequent follow-up visits to out patient department, patient anxiety, and waiting time. It also helps in managing complications proactively by identifying them through intelligent analysis and by following an evidence-based approach to address them.

On the other hand the fetal monitoring services enable physicians to keep a watch on patients and offer better care by delivering uterine activity, as well as fetal and maternal heart rate recordings, captured from a fetal monitor, on to their mobile devices.

Commenting on the usefulness of the product, Medical Director of Manipal Hospital, Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal, says it is a wonderful union of technology and healthcare that allows a physician to remotely assess fetal condition, and initiate timely and necessary action. He was also optimistic about the product’s widespread utility in the future.

About Wipro Technologies
As a global IT business of Wipro Limited, Wipro Technologies provides wide range of services to its customers across 54 nations by employing more than 140,000 people. Wipro’s Centre of Excellence for eHealth initiatives develops novel solutions that address emerging market’s challenges. For developing solutions that address challenges of both accessibility and affordability, the eHealth Code of Ethics utilizes Wipro’s healthcare IT solutions and product engineering abilities.

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